Inner City Enterprise


Inner City Enterprise (ICE) is a not-for-profit charity and was established in 1992 to advise and assist unemployed people in Dublin’s inner city to set up their own businesses or create their own self-employment. It operated successfully until 2006 supporting the set up over 2500 businesses. During the Celtic tiger years, and due to high employment figures ICE shut down its service. However, following the recession ICE relaunched in the 2012 and currently offers supports to unemployed people seeking to become entrepreneurs, social enterprises and young people interested in entrepreneurship.

Therefore, not only ICE was first established to support unemployed people to re-join the workforce by setting up their own business, but it is still one of our main focuses and we have a range of supports to help get you started.

The hardest work in the world is being out of work ‘Whitney M Young Jr’


Support with back to work/short term enterprise allowance

Business Planning

Advice on Tax Registration



Grants & Loans

The Process

Step 2

A member of the ICE team will contact you to arrange a one to one meeting at a time suitable to you.

Step 3

The dedicated ICE team member will work with you to develop an action plan of supports including: attending a Start your own business course, writing your business plan, registering for tax and completing the relevant application forms.

Step 4

Once registered you will also be added to the ICE mailing list for further opportunities in training, networking, and other supports as they arise.