Inner City Enterprise

Short Term Enterprise Allowance

Income support (weekly payments) for people who have lost their job and want to start their own business. Paid instead of your Jobseeker’s Benefit. Ends when your entitlement to Jobseeker’s Benefit ends (that is at either 9 or 6 months). Inner City Enterprise can support you in your application.

Note, most ICE Clients are based in Dublin City so all Local Enterprise Office (LEO) links are to the Dublin City LEO page. If you are based elsewhere, find your local office here. and go to the equivalent page.


Key Eligibility Criteria

You must be getting, or have an entitlement to, Jobseeker’s Benefit. You will not qualify if you are getting jobseekers benefit and working part-time. Your business plan must be approved in advance by a Case Officer based in an Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Branch Office or an Enterprise Officer in your local development company

Note, the eligibility criteria on the Dublin City LEO site aren't always up to date so if in doubt, reach out to the LEO directly!

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