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New funding opportunities for social enterprises

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Calling all Social Enterprises!

Some good news that you may not have received yet. There are two funding opportunities that have come up to support Social Enterprise organisations. We have outlined some information and provided useful links below. 

Dormant Accounts Fund Social Enterprise Capital Grants Scheme 2021 

Funding will be aimed at supporting social enterprises with small scale capital projects such as the purchase of equipment or the carrying out of repairs or refurbishment of existing facilities. The Scheme does not provide funding for operating or administrative costs.
In order to be an eligible applicant you must comply with the definition of a social enterprise as published in the National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2019-2022.

The application form is accessed here

The deadline for the Capital Grants fund is 3pm on 20th of October 2021.

Arise (Awareness raising initiatives for social enterprises) Fund 2021

This Awareness Raising Initiative for Social Enterprise will provide funding to increase awareness of social enterprises and their potential, in line with the Awareness Raising Strategy.

The scheme provides funding under two strands:

  • Strand One will be aimed at individual social enterprises. It is envisaged that they will tell their story and highlight how their social enterprise is improving people’s lives.
  • Strand Two will be aimed at Social Enterprise Network and Support organisations to deliver more general or sectoral messages on what social enterprises are, and their potential to deliver sustainable and inclusive development and recovery. 

More details and the application form is accessed here

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