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Grow U program in collaboration with Dignity Partnership

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In August we launched the ‘GROW U’ programme in collaboration with Dignity Partnership! GROW U is aimed at migrants who are looking to develop their business skills and expand their professional networks. 

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from professionals working in top companies such as Facebook, Salesforce and Accenture, as well as hearing from migrants who have started their own successful careers in Ireland!

Some of the main steps of the programme were: 

  1. Build a personal action plan and network 
  2. Work on social media profiles 
  3. Change your mindset and grow resilience 
  4. Learn new skills from professionals working in top companies 

The programme was very successful with 30 signed up and 17 participants completing 70% of the programme. 

In addition feedback was overall positive and was also followed by a few requests of mentoring. 

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