Inner City Enterprise

Feasibility Grant

A grant to provide assistance with innovation costs. These include costs associated with research & development, ‘testing the market’, prototype production, test marketing & consultancy advice and developing a minimum viable product.

Note, most ICE Clients are based in Dublin City so all Local Enterprise Office (LEO) links are to the Dublin City LEO page. If you are based elsewhere, find your local office here. and go to the equivalent page.


Key Eligibility Criteria

Typically applicants are quite early stage (pre start-up) but this is not essential. You must be the point where you need to test a concept and validate an idea. Contact LEO to assess your eligibility. Typically the grant is not awarded to: Professional services, consultancy, retail and distribution, or projects involving primary agricultural production.

Note, the eligibility criteria on the Dublin City LEO site aren't always up to date so if in doubt, reach out to the LEO directly!

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