Inner City Enterprise

Business Start Up (Priming) Grant

Dublin City Local Enterprise Office typically award this support for salary costs. This could be your own salary (provided you haven’t received funding for your salary previously or drawn a wage from the business) or a new position. Up to €10,000 can be paid per position. You can apply for multiple positions.

Note, most ICE Clients are based in Dublin City so all Local Enterprise Office (LEO) links are to the Dublin City LEO page. If you are based elsewhere, find your local office here. and go to the equivalent page.


Key Eligibility Criteria

You must have sales, be trading for less than 18 months, be an EU citizen, your business must be operating in the LEO’s area. You must be in manufacturing OR a business with internationally traded service OR a business with potential for overseas customers. Contact LEO to discuss eligibility as they will assess on a case by case basis.

Note, the eligibility criteria on the Dublin City LEO site aren't always up to date so if in doubt, reach out to the LEO directly!

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