Inner City Enterprise

Accelerator, Pre-Accelerator, Master Classes

You must have identified a social or environmental issue and have a new or better idea to solve it. You must be the primary person leading the idea, be 18 or over, and the primary focus of your idea must be to benefit society in Ireland.

Note, most ICE Clients are based in Dublin City so all Local Enterprise Office (LEO) links are to the Dublin City LEO page. If you are based elsewhere, find your local office here. and go to the equivalent page.


Key Eligibility Criteria

Those participating tend to be scalable businesses with an international focus that are preparing to raise seed funding and have the ambition to achieve Enterprise Ireland HPSU status. Most Dublin BIC Investor Ready Programme participants have a product or service developed and are pre-revenue, though most have early-stage traction within their market.

Note, the eligibility criteria on the Dublin City LEO site aren't always up to date so if in doubt, reach out to the LEO directly!

Social Enterprise




Larger than 'micro'