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5 apps to boost your productivity

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Allows you to store anything in quickly accessible notes – from a to-do list, to recipes, to upcoming plans – that you can then easily share with anyone. You can also clip from websites, add photos, or even scan in handwritten notes. A handy search function also makes it simple to find items and Evernote syncs across all your devices, so your information is always easily accessible.


Whenever you want to focus on a task and not be distracted, you plant a tree. A timer will then start for 30 minutes. If you leave the app during that time, the tree will die. But if you stay in the app, a tree grows. The more you continue resisting distraction, more and more trees will grow. The app has also partnered with Trees of the Future to plant actual trees (over 785,000 so far).


Grammarly automatically edits your writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, offering real-time edits and suggestions. It also integrates seamlessly with all your other apps and your mobile browser, so no matter where you’re writing, you’ll have the tools right at hand. From important emails to presentations, social media and more, the app will make sure your writing is polished and professional


For anyone who bills clients hourly or needs to track hours, Time Camp is an invaluable asset. The app automatically keeps track of your time, assigns it to projects, and presents each day’s hours in an easy to digest pie chart. You can then create invoices based on hours, manage a project, or integrate them into your calendar.


It allows you to create multiple projects, assign tasks, add updates and set deadlines, all in one place. While you can use this for just yourself, it’s also tailored for larger teams looking for an easy to use place to communicate, get updates from co-workers, and see progress. Asana also integrates with e-mail and calendars to provide you with notifications once tasks are completed.

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