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31 March 2021 – How to start an online shop with Google Digital Garage

Exciting news - We've partnered with Google Digital Garage, to deliver free live webinar training to help you get your business online

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During this session with Google Digital Garage we will take you through the stages of setting up your online shop from conducting market research and defining your unique selling point as a business to creating your online store, defining your user journey, optimising your site and tracking your levels of engagement.

Whether this is your first time setting up a shop online or you’ve been in the game for a while, this webinar will give you an understanding of the key steps to consider before and after starting your online shop; from how to research your market and choose a platform, to marketing and analysing conversions.

How long is it? Up to 1 hour, including live chat Q&A time.

Who is it for? For small businesses or anyone thinking about starting an online shop

What will I learn?

  • How to research your market
  • How to choose the right platform for your online shop
  • How to market your online shop post-launch
  • How to measure conversions using Google Analytics

How do I join the webinar? Once you’ve registered online for the webinar, we’ll email you instructions on how to join.

Date: Wednesday 31t March 2021
Time: 11AM

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